About Beauty Beloved

Once upon a time….

It all began with a simple dream.

A dream to bring the magic of beauty closer to everyone. I was a working-class girl fantasizing about building a brand. A brand set to empower women. A brand that provides top-notch beauty products, exuding both quality and affordability. I and my team shifted our focus from ‘Oh, one day…’ to ‘Oh, day one!’ and before I knew it, Beauty Beloved was born.

If I know one thing, it is that it is not enough to only love a concept. To be truly successful, I and my team had to think of a way to impact women around us. Women that are anything, but ordinary.  

We have a mission of….

Bringing you (yes, YOU!) and beauty front and center, of course! We are a team of inspired and curious individuals, set out to deliver nothing but the best the beauty market can offer.

On top of it all

We provide a unique and pleasant shopping experience, hand selecting versatile and high-quality beauty products for everyone. As a successful retail brand story, Beauty Beloved created not only an affordable but an exquisite and superb beauty store, bringing differences together in a perfect synchronicity.  

We root for….

Sass, class and a quality built to last! Beauty Beloved is making its mission to teach women worldwide on how to make self-care and nourishment a priority! With years of stellar experience, and a service unrivaled to any other brand, Beauty Beloved sets a new standard of modern-day retailing.

With us

Shopping gets a new purpose, a new dimension and finally, raises a new bar of quality to serve as an example!

Beauty Beloved also does…

Blogs, and lots of it! It is not sufficient to have beauty products available at a click of a button. It is also necessary to know what beauty is all about! Awe-worthy beauty springs from within and manifests itself physically as a result.

Keep in touch

With us on Social Media to uncover a world of useful beauty tips, tutorials and more!

You have the right….

To feel beautiful, inside and out. Driven by our passion to represent beauty in a different light, we created Beauty Beloved and revolutionized the way women look and feel about themselves.


Our Beauty Beloved community, where we always put self-love first, allowing our beauty products magnificence to do the rest!

If you share…

Our passion for beauty and urge for quality at reasonable prices, here is where you’ll find it!

Finally, we love nothing more than…

Bringing cosmetics enthusiasts together, one beauty product at a time!